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The Letter Post Compendium is a UPU publication available in French and English. It allows you to view the operational information on the letters services of your postal partners.

Authorised users can use the online editing tool to update their entries in the Compendium.

To view the entry for a specific operator, click the PDF icon in the Type column in the table below. 

 Published Documents

Letter_Compendium_MO_MOA_FR.pdfMO - Macao, ChinaMOA - Macao Post and Telecommunications BureauFrench15/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_MO_MOA_EN.pdfMO - Macao, ChinaMOA - Macao Post and Telecommunications BureauEnglish15/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_CL_CLA_FR.pdfCL - ChileCLA - Empresa Correos ChileFrench06/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_CL_CLA_EN.pdfCL - ChileCLA - Empresa Correos ChileEnglish06/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_DE_DEA_FR.pdfDE - GermanyDEA - Deutsche Post AGFrench02/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_DE_DEA_EN.pdfDE - GermanyDEA - Deutsche Post AGEnglish02/06/2017
Letter_Compendium_GR_GRA_FR.pdfGR - GreeceGRA - Hellenic Post SA (ELTA SA)French29/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_GR_GRA_EN.pdfGR - GreeceGRA - Hellenic Post SA (ELTA SA)English29/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_CR_CRA_FR.pdfCR - Costa RicaCRA - CORREOS DE COSTA RICA S.AFrench24/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_CR_CRA_EN.pdfCR - Costa RicaCRA - CORREOS DE COSTA RICA S.AEnglish24/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_HK_HKA_EN.pdfHK - Hong Kong, ChinaHKA - Hongkong PostEnglish18/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_HK_HKA_FR.pdfHK - Hong Kong, ChinaHKA - Hongkong PostFrench18/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_TH_THA_FR.pdfTH - ThailandTHA - Thailand Post Co., LtdFrench17/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_TH_THA_EN.pdfTH - ThailandTHA - Thailand Post Co., LtdEnglish17/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_FJ_FJA_EN.pdfFJ - FijiFJA - POST FIJI LTDEnglish17/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_FJ_FJA_FR.pdfFJ - FijiFJA - POST FIJI LTDFrench17/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_NZ_NZA_FR.pdfNZ - New ZealandNZA - NEW ZEALAND POST LIMITEDFrench03/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_NZ_NZA_EN.pdfNZ - New ZealandNZA - NEW ZEALAND POST LIMITEDEnglish03/05/2017
Letter_Compendium_BT_BTA_FR.pdfBT - BhutanBTA - Bhutan Postal Corporation LTDFrench24/04/2017
Letter_Compendium_BT_BTA_EN.pdfBT - BhutanBTA - Bhutan Postal Corporation LTDEnglish24/04/2017
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